Darlington Farms Individually Wrapped Sugar Cookies: 216 Packs, .75-Ounce Each

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Relish the sweet delight from Darlington Farms. Presenting individually wrapped sugar cookies, these .75-ounce treats come in a bulk of 216 packages, ensuring enough goodies for everyone. Whether you’re hosting a large gathering or simply indulging your sweet tooth, these cookies offer both convenience and quality.

When it comes to striking the perfect balance between taste and convenience, Darlington Farms has mastered the art. These sugar cookies encapsulate a traditional flavour, reminiscent of those baked at home, yet come individually wrapped, ensuring freshness every time you unwrap one. Buying in bulk, with a case containing 216 packs, makes these ideal for events, school lunches, or just ensuring you’ve always got a sweet treat on hand.

Why choose Darlington Farms?

Quality Ingredients: Each cookie is crafted from top-notch ingredients, promising an authentic sugar cookie taste.
Convenience: The individual wrapping guarantees a fresh taste, minimising the chances of stale or soggy cookies.
Economical: Purchasing in bulk ensures you get value for your dollar, especially for events or large gatherings.

**Q:** What’s the weight of each cookie package?
**A:** Each cookie package weighs .75-ounce.

Q: How many packages are there in one case?
A: There are 216 packages in one case.

Q: Are these cookies suitable for events or gatherings?
A: Absolutely! The bulk packaging makes them ideal for events or large gatherings.

Q: What sets Darlington Farms cookies apart?
A: Their commitment to quality ingredients and the perfect blend of traditional flavour with modern convenience.


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