Craving Satisfied? Sweet Treat Protein Bar, Gluten Free, Low Sugar, Chocolate & Creme Cupcake

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In quest of a sweet snack without the guilt? Delve into the world of Sweet Treat Protein Bars! With 15g of protein, these bars not only satiate those sweet cravings but are a companion for those on the go. Dive into the delightful flavour of Chocolate & Creme Cupcake without worrying about gluten or high sugar content.
Meet Sweet Treat Protein Bars, a confluence of taste and health. With a hearty 15g of protein, these bars serve as a delightful snack whilst maintaining low sugar levels. Specifically, the Chocolate & Creme Cupcake flavour brings a guilt-free indulgence for those sweet tooth moments. Gluten-free constituents make it a suitable option for a diverse audience. Coming in a pack of 10, these bars are tailor-made for on-the-go lifestyles, ensuring a healthy snack is always within reach. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or simply seeking a healthier snack alternative, Sweet Treat Protein Bars offer a satisfying solution.
Q: How much protein is in each Sweet Treat Protein Bar?
A: Each Sweet Treat Protein Bar contains 15g of protein.

Q: Are these bars gluten-free?
A: Yes, Sweet Treat Protein Bars are gluten-free.

Q: What flavour do these bars come in?
A: These bars are available in a delectable Chocolate & Creme Cupcake flavour.

Q: How many bars are there in a pack?
A: There are 10 bars in each pack.

Q: Are these suitable for people monitoring their sugar intake?
A: Indeed, these bars have low sugar content, making them suitable for those monitoring their sugar intake.


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