Clif Kid Zbar: Savouring the Taste of Iced Oatmeal Cookie, Handy 1.27 Oz, Pack of 12

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Discover the nutritious and tasty Clif Kid Zbar. This product packs a punch with its iced oatmeal cookie flavour. At a convenient 1.27 ounces, it’s perfect for small hands and big appetites. Available in a pack of 12, ensuring ample supply for your little ones’ snack needs.
Experience the perfect blend of taste and nutrition with the Clif Kid Zbar. Boasting an irresistible iced oatmeal cookie flavour, each bar has been carefully crafted to ensure every bite is a delight. Each 1.27-ounce bar is packed with wholesome ingredients, providing a boost of energy for your little ones whenever they need it.

The pack of 12 makes it an excellent choice for families, allowing you to always have a nutritious snack option at hand. With Clif Kid Zbar, you’re not just giving your kids a snack; you’re providing them with a healthier alternative that contributes to their active lifestyle.

This product is perfect for kids on the go, whether they need a snack for school, sports or any other activities. It’s compact enough to fit in lunchboxes, backpacks or pockets, ensuring your kids are never far from a delicious and nourishing snack. So, say ‘yes’ to Clif Kid Zbar and experience the convenience and delight of this iced oatmeal cookie treat.
Q: What flavour is the Clif Kid Zbar?
A: The Clif Kid Zbar has a delightful iced oatmeal cookie flavour.

Q: How large is each Clif Kid Zbar?
A: Each Clif Kid Zbar is conveniently sized at 1.27 ounces.

Q: How many bars are in each pack?
A: Each pack contains 12 Clif Kid Zbars.

Q: Can Clif Kid Zbars be used as an everyday snack?
A: Absolutely! Their wholesome ingredients and delicious taste make them a great choice for daily snacking.


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