CHIPS AHOY! Original & Chewy Cookies Family Bundle 3 Count

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Indulge your taste buds with CHIPS AHOY! Discover a perfect balance between the classic Original Chocolate Chip Cookies and the soft Chewy Cookies, all combined in a Family Size 3 Count bundle. Ideal for gatherings or satisfying that sweet craving, this bundle will certainly delight cookie lovers.
CHIPS AHOY! cookies have long been a favorite for those who crave the rich taste of chocolate chip and the texture variety that comes with it. This special bundle offers both the traditional Original Chocolate Chip Cookies and the Chewy variety, giving you options to please everyone’s palate.

Original Cookies: Crunchy and filled with chocolate chips, they’re a classic that never disappoints.
Chewy Cookies: Soft and moist, these cookies melt in your mouth, offering a different experience.
Family Size: With 3 Count in the bundle, there’s enough to share with friends and family.

Explore these two exciting options and treat yourself or your loved ones to the deliciousness of CHIPS AHOY!
Q: What flavors are included in this CHIPS AHOY! bundle?
A: The bundle includes Original Chocolate Chip Cookies and Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Q: How many packages are in the Family Size bundle?
A: There are 3 Count packages in the Family Size bundle.

Q: Are the Chewy Cookies softer than the Original?
A: Yes, the Chewy Cookies are softer and have a moist texture compared to the crunchy Original Chocolate Chip Cookies.


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