BRITANNIA Marie Gold Cookies 21.16oz – Delightful Tea Snack – Fine Grocery Coo

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Experience the finest with BRITANNIA Marie Gold Cookies. Perfectly crafted to complement your tea moments, these cookies elevate every occasion. Dive into the crispness of each bite and indulge in the rich taste they have to offer.
BRITANNIA, renowned for their excellence in baking, introduces the Marie Gold Cookies. Weighing at 21.16oz, this pack ensures that you have plenty to share or savour on your own. Each cookie captures the authentic essence of the finest ingredients, ensuring a lingering taste in every bite. Perfect as a snack, these cookies add a touch of luxury to your regular tea moments. Whether you’re hosting guests or simply enjoying some alone time, BRITANNIA’s Marie Gold Cookies stand out as the perfect accompaniment. While many try to mimic the magic, nothing beats the original.
Q: What’s special about BRITANNIA Marie Gold Cookies?
A: These cookies are crafted using the finest ingredients, ensuring a rich, crisp taste. They perfectly complement tea moments, making them a favourite for many.

Q: What’s the weight of the cookie pack?
A: The pack weighs 21.16oz, making it ample for sharing or enjoying by oneself.

Q: Are these cookies suitable for all occasions?
A: Absolutely! While they’re perfect for tea, they can be enjoyed any time you fancy a delicious, crispy snack.


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