Biscos Creme Filled Wafers: Six 8.5 oz Boxes Pack

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For those who cherish a sweet treat, the allure of Biscos Creme Filled Wafers is undeniable. A classic delight, these wafers come in a set of six 8.5 oz boxes, ensuring ample supplies for aficionados of the treat.
Originating from a long-standing tradition of creating delightful snacks, Biscos Wafers seamlessly combine a crunchy wafer with a smooth creme centre. Each box contains a generous quantity, allowing for indulgence or sharing. Not only do they serve as an exquisite snack, but they also complement beverages, making tea or coffee sessions more enjoyable. The six-box pack ensures that there’s always enough to go around, whether for family gatherings or quiet moments alone.
Q: How many boxes are included in this pack?
A: The pack contains six 8.5 oz boxes of Biscos Creme Filled Wafers.

Q: What’s the primary flavour of the creme filling?
A: The creme filling predominantly features a sweet and creamy flavour, complementing the crunchy wafer exterior.

Q: Can they be paired with beverages?
A: Absolutely! They pair wonderfully with both tea and coffee, enhancing the overall drinking experience.


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