Benton’s Crunchy Cookie Thins with Toasted Coconut Flavour

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Dive into the delightful taste of Benton’s Cookie Thins, infused with toasted coconut. A treat that’s both wholesome and satisfyingly crunchy, Benton’s brings to the table an exceptional snacking experience.

Australia’s affinity for flavoursome snacks is nothing short of legendary. And in this vast realm of nibbles, Benton’s Cookie Thins, having toasted coconut as its main flavour profile, truly shines. Its distinctive crunch, paired with a subtle sweetness, provides a mouthwatering taste that lingers.

Not just about taste, Benton’s ensures that each cookie is a testament to wholesome quality. Using ingredients of top-notch standard, there’s no compromise on health for the sake of indulgence. Whether you’re enjoying them with a cuppa or on their own, Benton’s Cookie Thins are set to become your next go-to snack.

**Q:** What’s the standout flavour in Benton’s Cookie Thins?
**A:** The standout flavour is toasted coconut.

Q: Are Benton’s Cookie Thins crunchy or soft in texture?
A: They’re known for their satisfyingly crunchy texture.

Q: What makes Benton’s Cookie Thins different from other cookies?
A: Benton’s prioritises both taste and wholesomeness, ensuring each cookie offers top quality without compromising on flavour.


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