Benton’s Crunchy Cookie Thins – Chocolate Chip Duo Pack

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Delve into the delightful taste of Benton’s Crunchy Cookie Thins. A duo pack of chocolate chip splendour that takes biscuit indulgence to new heights.
Dive into Benton’s world of cookies, where every bite is a symphony of textures. With an outer crust that’s the right amount of crunchy, these Cookie Thins boast a rich chocolate chip infusion. A pack not just for solo enjoyment but to share with a mate. So, what sets Benton’s apart from the sea of biscuits on the shelf?

1. **Crunch Factor**: The Cookie Thins are made to perfection ensuring that crispness is consistent from the first to the last bite.
2. **Chocolate Balance**: It’s not just a cookie with chips. It’s a chocolatey experience that’s balanced, ensuring every nibble is a sweet treat.
3. **Duo Pack Value**: Two’s better than one. And with Benton’s, you’re in for double the pleasure.

Indulge yourself or share the joy, but don’t miss out on this chocolate chip wonder.
Q: What are Benton’s Cookie Thins?
A: They’re a form of biscuit that boasts a unique crunchy texture, infused with chocolate chips.

Q: How many packs do I get?
A: You receive a duo pack, meaning two packs of Benton’s Cookie Thins.

Q: Are they too sweet?
A: Benton’s ensures a balanced chocolate chip infusion, so every bite is delightful without being overly sweet.


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