Belvita Cinnamon Brown Sugar Biscuits: 25 Count in 4-Packs, Each 44 Oz

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Relish the flavoursome taste and nutritional benefits of Belvita’s Cinnamon Brown Sugar Biscuits. These biscuits, offered in handy packs of four, each 44 Oz, present a grand total of 25 biscuit counts. A perfect bite for on-the-go nutrition, making the everyday rush a tad bit easier and tastier.
Belvita Cinnamon Brown Sugar Biscuits stand out with their unique fusion of cinnamon and brown sugar. They’re more than just tasty snacks; they’re packed with necessary nutrients to fuel your day. The biscuits are designed to slowly release carbohydrates into your system, ensuring sustained energy.

Packed in bundles of four, each biscuit box weighs 44 Oz, making it perfect for those who need a quick snack on the go. Plus, with a total count of 25 biscuits per box, you’re assured of multiple snack times taken care of.

If you’re seeking a wholesome snack that’s both scrumptious and healthful, these Belvita Cinnamon Brown Sugar Biscuits are your perfect choice.
Q: How many biscuits are there in each pack?
A: Each pack contains 4 biscuits.

Q: What’s the total biscuit count per box?
A: There are 25 biscuits in each box.

Q: What is the weight of each pack?
A: Each pack weighs 44 Oz.

Q: What flavour are these Belvita biscuits?
A: These are Cinnamon Brown Sugar flavour.


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