Belgian Milk Chocolate Baking Callets 33.6% – What’s Inside a 5.5 lb Bag?

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A delight for chocolate aficionados, Belgian Milk Chocolate Baking Callets present an enticing blend of quality and flavour. With a cocoa concentration of 33.6%, these callets are sure to add that touch of richness to any baking creation.

Originating from Belgium, a country renowned for its superior chocolate-making tradition, these Milk Chocolate Baking Callets offer bakers an impeccable taste. Weighing in at 5.5 lbs per bag, they’re ideal for both large baking projects or storing for multiple uses.

Callets differ from traditional chocolate chips in that they’re specifically crafted for melting, ensuring a smoother, more uniform consistency. Their 33.6% cocoa composition strikes a balance between milky sweetness and the profound depth of cocoa, catering to diverse palates.

For those venturing into the world of gourmet baking or simply wishing to elevate their dessert recipes, these callets promise a premium experience.


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