Bauducco Choco Biscuit Cookies: Crispy Delight in a 40 Tub Pack

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Bauducco, a renowned brand, brings to the table a tub bursting with choco biscuit cookies. With 40 in the pack, each offering 2 crispy cookies, they’re set to become the favourite nibble for dessert or the humble lunch box.

Ever thought of indulging in a biscuit that combines the right crunch with a delectable chocolatey touch? Bauducco Choco Biscuit Cookies might just be what you’re seeking. Each tub contains 40 packets, ensuring there’s plenty to go around. These aren’t your ordinary cookies. Every packet reveals two, making it a sweet duo to relish. Whether you’re looking for a quick snack or want to add a crispy touch to your dessert, these cookies are up for the task. Not to mention, they fit snugly in lunch boxes, making them an enviable treat during breaks.

Q: How many cookies does one get in a tub?
A: A tub has 40 packets, with each packet containing 2 cookies.

Q: Are these cookies crispy or soft?
A: The Bauducco Choco Biscuit Cookies are known for their crispy texture.

Q: Can they be included in lunch boxes?
A: Absolutely! They’re a perfect fit for lunch boxes and are sure to be a hit during breaks.

Q: What makes these cookies stand out?
A: Their unique combination of crispiness and chocolatey flavour makes them a delight for all occasions.


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