Back to Nature Cookies: Non-GMO Chocolate Chunk 9.5oz

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Delve into the purity of ingredients with Back to Nature Cookies. Experience the delightful taste of non-GMO chocolate chunks in a 9.5oz pack, keeping your snacking both delicious and health-conscious.
For lovers of authentic flavour, Back to Nature Cookies offers a direct route. Each bite captures the essence of nature, free from genetically modified ingredients. The 9.5oz pack ensures a satisfactory portion of non-GMO chocolate chunks, a treat that promises pleasure without compromise. By choosing these cookies, one opts for health without giving up the luxury of a mouth-watering snack.
Q: What sets apart Back to Nature Cookies?
A: Their commitment to using non-GMO ingredients, especially the chocolate chunks.

Q: How large is each pack?
A: Each pack is 9.5 ounces, ideal for satiating your cookie cravings.

Q: Are there any genetically modified ingredients in these cookies?
A: No, these cookies are proudly made without any GMO ingredients.


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