Australian Brand Happy Belly Pecan Shortbread 11.3 Oz

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Discover the delight of Happy Belly’s signature Pecan Shortbread. Sourced from the heart of Australia, these treats serve as a perfect companion for tea or just a midday snack.

Happy Belly, a renowned brand from Australia, offers a distinct blend of flavours in its Pecan Shortbread. With every bite, one experiences the authentic taste of premium pecans paired with buttery shortbread – a testament to the brand’s dedication to quality and taste. Not only is the texture soft and crumbly, but the pecan infusion gives it a nutty richness that is hard to resist.

Why choose Happy Belly Pecan Shortbread?
– Authentic Australian flavour.
– Perfectly baked to ensure a rich and buttery texture.
– Premium pecans used, ensuring every bite is a treat.
– Packaged in a convenient 11.3 Oz pack, it’s a generous serving for all.

Whether you’re a longtime fan of shortbread or new to the world of these delectable treats, Happy Belly’s Pecan Shortbread is a must-try.

Q: Where is Happy Belly’s Pecan Shortbread sourced from?
A: It’s sourced from Australia, renowned for its premium quality ingredients.

Q: What size is the pack?
A: The pack is 11.3 Oz, a generous serving size.

Q: Is the texture of the shortbread soft?
A: Yes, it has a soft and crumbly texture, complemented by the rich taste of pecans.

Q: Can it pair well with tea?
A: Absolutely, it’s a perfect companion for tea or as a midday snack.


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