Aussie’s Favourite: CHIPS AHOY! Mini Chewy Choc Chip Cookies – 12 Big Bags

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From the farthest corners of the globe to down under, CHIPS AHOY! has a firm place in many a biscuit tin. Let’s delve into the Mini Chewy Chocolate Chip variant available in 12 substantial bags.
CHIPS AHOY! – a name synonymous with delightful cookies, especially in the realm of choc chip delights. These aren’t your average-sized cookies; these are mini, making them perfect for those who fancy a little nibble without the guilt of gobbling down a whole cookie. What makes this offer even more tempting? It’s not just one bag. It’s a hefty 12 bags! Each bag weighs a solid 3 oz, ensuring that you’re stocked up for any unexpected guest or midnight craving.

With a chewy texture that just melts in your mouth, paired with the rich choc chip chunks, these cookies offer a sensational taste experience. Whether you’re having them with a cuppa or simply as a snack, they’re bound to make your day brighter. If you’re yet to give these mini delights a go, you’re surely missing out on a treat revered by Aussies.
Q: What’s special about these CHIPS AHOY! cookies?
A: They’re mini, chewy, and packed with choc chips. Plus, they come in 12 substantial 3 oz bags.

Q: Are these cookies suitable for sharing?
A: Absolutely! With 12 big bags, they’re perfect for gatherings, parties, or simply sharing with family and friends.

Q: How does the texture of these mini cookies differ from regular-sized ones?
A: These mini cookies have a chewy texture, providing a delightful melt-in-the-mouth experience.


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