Are OLYRA Organic Breakfast Biscuits High in Fiber? Dark Chocolate & Hazelnut Cocoa Bundle

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Indulge in a breakfast that’s both delightful and nourishing. OLYRA presents its Organic Breakfast Biscuits range, combined with the rich flavors of Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Cocoa. With a total of 12 boxes to enjoy, these biscuits are not only flavorful but also a smart choice due to their low sugar and high fiber content.
The essence of a good morning often starts with a wholesome breakfast. OLYRA’s Organic Breakfast Biscuits offer an optimal blend of taste and health. As you unwrap each box, be ready to dive into a world of rich dark chocolate mingled with the deep notes of hazelnut cocoa. These biscuits are not just about the taste; they’re about the experience. Each bite ensures a low sugar intake while providing you with the necessary fiber to kickstart your day. The bundle includes a generous offering of 12 boxes, with 6 boxes dedicated to each flavor. Whether you’re on the go or simply savoring your morning routine, these biscuits are your perfect companions.
Q: What flavors are included in the OLYRA Organic Breakfast Biscuits bundle?
A: The bundle boasts two flavors: Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Cocoa, with 6 boxes of each.

Q: How does the sugar content in these biscuits compare to others?
A: OLYRA’s biscuits are specifically designed with low sugar content, making them a healthier alternative.

Q: Are these biscuits a good source of fiber?
A: Absolutely, these breakfast biscuits are high in fiber, ensuring you get a nutritious start to your day.


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