Are CLIF BUILDERS Protein Bars Gluten-Free with Cookies and Cream Flavour?

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When searching for a protein-packed snack, many opt for protein bars. A standout among them is the CLIF BUILDERS bar, particularly the Cookies and Cream variant. With 20g of protein, it not only offers an impressive protein punch but also promises a gluten-free experience. So, what makes this bar a top choice for fitness enthusiasts?
CLIF BUILDERS bars have made a significant mark in the market, and there’s more to them than just their protein content. Firstly, the Cookies and Cream flavour, a perennial favourite, offers a delightful taste, ensuring that one doesn’t have to compromise on flavour while seeking nutrition. Moreover, the promise of it being gluten-free adds another feather in its cap, making it suitable for those with specific dietary restrictions.

Considering the increasing demand for gluten-free products, it’s commendable that CLIF BUILDERS has introduced such an option. Additionally, for those who are calorie-conscious, understanding the complete nutritional profile is essential. Alongside its protein content, the bar also provides essential vitamins and minerals, further amplifying its nutritional value.
Q: How much protein is present in the CLIF BUILDERS Cookies and Cream bar?
A: The CLIF BUILDERS Cookies and Cream bar contains 20g of protein.

Q: Is the bar suitable for those following a gluten-free diet?
A: Yes, the CLIF BUILDERS Cookies and Cream bar is gluten-free, making it suitable for those avoiding gluten.

Q: Apart from protein, what other nutritional benefits does the bar offer?
A: The bar also provides essential vitamins and minerals, adding to its overall nutritional value.


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