Archway’s Iced Molasses Cookies – 12oz Pack

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Delve into the enticing world of Archway’s Iced Molasses Cookies. A delightful 12oz pack that promises an unparalleled taste experience.

Archway, a brand synonymous with quality, presents their Iced Molasses Cookies in a convenient 12oz pack. Molasses, with its rich and deep flavour, has always been a beloved ingredient for cookie enthusiasts. When paired with the subtle sweetness of icing, these cookies offer a delightful balance of flavour and texture. Each cookie ensures that the taste buds are treated to a fusion of traditional ingredients, baked to perfection. Ideal for snacking, sharing or gifting, Archway’s cookies are the go-to for those who seek a classic treat with a modern twist.

Q: What size is the pack of Archway’s Iced Molasses Cookies?
A: It’s a 12oz pack.

Q: Are there any artificial flavours in these cookies?
A: Archway prides itself on quality, but it’s always recommended to check the ingredient list for specifics.

Q: Can I order these cookies online?
A: Yes, many online retailers stock Archway products. Check your preferred online store for availability.

Q: How are the cookies iced?
A: The cookies have a subtle sweetness from the icing, which complements the rich molasses flavour.


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