ALOHA Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bars – Vegan Snacks? Low Sugar?

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Delve into the delightful flavors and nutritious components of ALOHA’s Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Protein Bars. Crafted with passion and an understanding of nutritional needs, these vegan bars serve as an exceptional snack choice.
ALOHA Organic presents its protein bars, influenced by the indulgent flavor of chocolate chip cookie dough. Each pack holds 12 bars, each weighing 1.9oz, ensuring a satisfying bite every time. As the world shifts towards healthier and ethical food choices, vegan products like these bars have surged in popularity. Notably, these snacks are low in sugar, aligning with contemporary dietary requirements. Beyond their tempting taste, they provide a plant-based protein punch, catering to both fitness enthusiasts and those in search of a guilt-free treat.
Q: Are the ALOHA Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bars entirely plant-based?
A: Yes, they are 100% vegan.

Q: How many bars are in one pack?
A: Each pack consists of 12 bars.

Q: What’s the weight of each bar?
A: Each bar weighs 1.9oz.

Q: Are these bars suitable for people monitoring their sugar intake?
A: Absolutely, these bars have a low sugar content.


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