**50 Pcs Golden Snitch Wings for Wizard Party Chocolates: What Are They?

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Golden Snitch wings can be the magical touch that takes your wizard party to the next level. With these 50 pieces of shimmering wings complete with adhesive glue circles, your chocolates will stand out, ensuring a memorable event for your guests.

The allure of a wizard-themed party is the mystique and magic. The Golden Snitch, a significant emblem from popular wizarding tales, captures that essence perfectly. To help event planners and hosts add that touch of wonder, these Golden Snitch wings have been crafted.


Quantity: 50 pieces.
Material: Glittery and sturdy, these wings are designed to last throughout your event.
Design: Hollow golden wings replicate the beauty of the Golden Snitch.
Utility: Attached to chocolates, they make for delightful wizard party treats. The pack comes with adhesive glue circles, making the process seamless and easy.

Whether it’s a birthday, a themed get-together, or just an evening of magic, these wings can transform ordinary chocolates into something extraordinary. Plus, they serve as a great talking point among guests.


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