48-Pack Nabisco Cookies: OREO, Nutter Butter, CHIPS AHOY! Selection

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Looking for a delightful treat to satisfy your cravings? Dive into the world of Nabisco with a variety pack that includes some of the most beloved cookie brands. This collection offers 48 snack packs of OREO, Nutter Butter, and CHIPS AHOY!, giving you the perfect assortment for any occasion.
Each snack pack in this Nabisco variety selection has been crafted to provide a unique taste experience. From the creamy OREO to the nutty Nutter Butter and the deliciously crunchy CHIPS AHOY!, there’s something for everyone.

1. **OREO**: A classic favourite, OREO cookies feature two chocolate wafers with a sweet creme filling. Perfect for dipping in milk or enjoying on their own.
2. **Nutter Butter**: With a delightful peanut butter taste, Nutter Butter cookies bring together two peanut-shaped cookie layers filled with creamy peanut butter.
3. **CHIPS AHOY!**: Filled with chocolate chips, CHIPS AHOY! cookies are a crunchy and satisfying choice.

Whether you’re hosting a gathering, seeking a snack for yourself, or searching for something special to include in a gift, this Nabisco variety pack is sure to hit the spot. Stock up your pantry with these delightful cookies and enjoy a taste adventure with every pack.
Q: What’s included in the Nabisco Cookies Variety Pack?
A: The pack includes 48 snack packs of OREO, Nutter Butter, and CHIPS AHOY! cookies.

Q: Can I find a list of ingredients for each cookie type?
A: Yes, ingredients for each cookie variety can usually be found on the packaging or the manufacturer’s website.

Q: Are these cookies suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions?
A: It is advised to check the specific packaging or consult the manufacturer’s website for information on allergens and dietary suitability for each cookie type.


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